Common care questions

We want to make things as simple as possible for you when choosing the most appropriate care for your loved one, so we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions with regards to caring for the elderly; accessing care and receiving home care from Comfort Keepers®

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01903 691762 or send us your question on our web form. We are here to help.

It is never too early to find out what options are available. This will help you to find the best quality care, arranging care at the best possible time and preparing for financing. Our team will be more than happy to talk you through the options available to you and guide you without pressurising in any way.

You need to look after your own needs if you are going to look after those of your loved one. At Comfort Keepers® we match the care to the client. Clients and family members have an opportunity to meet the care worker who will be coming into the home before the care service begins. Therefore this will not be a case of seeing a stranger arriving every day. Also it does not have to be an intense long–term home care plan, but rather a care plan that evolves as your loved one’s needs evolve. Sometimes all it needs is the opportunity of respite care now and again to re-charge everybody’s batteries.

Sometimes the knowledge that someone they trust is available at times of need can go a long way in giving your loved one peace of mind – enough to motivate sleep – something which is not always available at night for family carers as they have their own needs to take care of. At Comfort Keepers® we offer an overnight sleep-in service which will be with a care worker he/she has come to know and trust. This service gives everyone that all important peace of mind and can often be the difference between an older person remaining at home or having to move into a Residential Care Home.

The first step is to find out why the falls are happening. Has your Doctor suggested reasons why falls are more frequent? Can medication be prescribed to help with these issues? A useful tool to have within the home is a personal alarm. This is worn as a necklace around the neck and it allows your loved one to call you in times of crisis. Also a Home care worker can be available all the time and act instantly if there is an emergency or a fall.

If your elderly family member is showing signs of difficulty in mobility the first port of call is always your trusted GP. Your doctor may be able to diagnose problems and prevent further deterioration. If mobility is likely to be an on-going concern they may well suggest such physical supports as a walking stick, a Zimmer frame or a mobility car. You can consider having adaptions added to your home, as well as reducing the amount of walking your loved one will have to do by ensuring every day needs are easily accessible. A Comfort Keepers® Home care worker can also often reduce the stress by offering hands-on support with personal care, meal preparation, shopping and general house work. Our staff are there to enhance independence and offer companionship.

Caring for a loved-one suffering from Alzheimer’s can be extremely hard work. It takes patience and commitment as very often you will find yourself answering the same questions over and over again – this can lead to frustration and even anger both of which will have a negative effect on an already very difficult situation. Our Care Workers are trained to deal with people who have Alzheimer’s and can step in and support a family struggling to cope. Our intention is never to take over but to be there and enable other family members to step away and re-energise, even for a few hours a week, which will then enable them to maintain their desire to look after their loved one for as long as is possible. Learn more about Interactive Caregiving™ approach.

Absolutely yes. You can choose from 2 hours per week to 24 hours 7 days a week – a good service should always fit in around the needs of each client and NOT the needs of the provider. Should your needs need to increase or decrease from week to week simply let our team know and your required hours will be added to the weekly schedule accordingly.

Home care services are a good solution to providing care and support to older people who want to stay independent in their own home but who need help around the house and who may also need assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation. Depending on the needs of the older person, more specialised care at home is possible as well from a home care service provider, including care for dementia and Alzheimer’s and mobility issues. A good way to assess if home care is the right option is to speak to a home care company – arrange for an in-home visit with them, have them answer your questions and put together a customised care plan for your loved one.

Please see our care options page for detailed information

Yes. We have a strong network of trusted local businesses and other service providers who offer a range of services which may be of use. We have met these and have satisfied ourselves that they are trustworthy and reliable – please visit the Our Community page on our website. Contact us to learn about additional services available through our local network.

Should you wish to find out more about what financial assistance you may qualify for we will try to signpost you to relevant organisations, including the Local Authority, who will be able to assist you further.

Yes. Our services are focussed on private-paying individuals looking to receive an altogether higher quality service which is delivered at times during the day when service is required. You or a nominated family member, friend or advocate will be invoiced every two weeks for the amount of hours used within the care package. We try to make payment as easy as possible. You can pay online, via the telephone or by direct debit. See our Payment Options page for more details.

Our pricing is based on hourly rates and will vary depending on the client’s needs. Live-in care can be a daily or weekly rate and our sleep-in service is provided on a nightly rate.Please contact us to learn more about what costs to expect for your loved one’s care. We’ll do an in-house visit to make an assessment and be able to better provide you with a precise estimate.

Yes.  Comfort Keepers can provide companionship or personal care to residents in residential care homes and extra care schemes who may desire additional attention or personalised care.

Yes. Services are available for as little as one hour up to 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have a process in place to make sure your loved one’s needs are assessed regularly and the Care Plan is adjusted accordingly. n addition there are opportunities for you to provide us with feedback so we can improve our services:
Regular care plan reviews
Quality control visits
Client Satisfaction Surveys

Comfort Keepers® employs a team of Care Workers so that your care service will not be interrupted if someone gets sick or goes on holiday.   If your Comfort Keeper is unavailable, we will arrange another Care Worker to stand in and will contact you in advance of the change.   Our Client Care Coordinator will also introduce the interim Care Worker to you and review your Care Plan with the interim Care Worker prior to service. Our goal is to ensure that services are provided as expected. Your loved ones safety and well-being are our top priority.

During the initial conversation and the Getting to know you in-home visit, our team will document the services required and the client’s preferences for a Comfort Keeper match. Following this, we will select the best Care Worker fit for the client and our Client Care Coordinator will arrange a meeting between the client and the Comfort Keeper. During the initial conversation and the in-home visit with our Client Care Coordinator, all of the involved parties review the Care Plan to ensure that everyone agrees and understands what services are to be provided.

Each Care Worker – Comfort Keeper – is an employee who is carefully screened and trained before caring for a client.  All our Comfort Keepers have undergone a robust process including criminal background checks, and personal and professional reference checks.  We strive to hire the very best Care Workers to become Comfort Keepers, because we only hire people we would want caring for a member of our own family. To learn more about our recruitment process click here

Comfort Keepers® head office in West Sussex develops an individualized and confidential Care Plan for each client. The purpose of this is to document the type of care services needed and when the client would like to initiate care.  Once the client, family members, and our local office agrees on the Care Plan, the office staff will use the information to recommend the Comfort Keeper who will be delivering the service, establish the schedule and agree to the monitoring and communication.

Care Plans are reviewed with the client and family at least every six months, but may be more frequent based on the client’s needs.  The review is an important process to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate level of care and is pleased with the Comfort Keeper providing the care.

After your first request for home care services from Comfort Keepers® we will organise an in-home visit to discuss your loved one’s needs and to set up your account. See how our service works for further details. During the visit you will get a chance to ask questions, and ensure we have all of the information that we require to put together a care plan which completely addresses the needs of your loved one.

Yes. If you are thinking of going away on holiday but worried about leaving an elderly relative behind we can visit your relative whilst you’re away and ensure they are cared for and supported just as you would do this yourself. We would meet and set everything up before you go and furthermore, by using our Family-Connect-Programme, you are able to log on to your online account and stay in touch by reading the daily visit updates and be assured that all is taken care of at home – this is how we are able to offer our clients peace of mind, guaranteed.

Not necessarily. We can arrange for your mum’s regular Care Worker to visit her in hospital which not only gives her a familiar face to see in an unfamiliar environment but it also supports your family as you will know that someone has visited mum if you are struggling to do so yourself. Our care is based entirely on each client, regardless of whether they are at home, in hospital or anywhere else. Comfort Keepers® can also be there to help with the hospital discharge process and any recovery required post-discharge.

Home care refers to any type of non-medical care and assistance which enables individuals to function as independently as possible in their own homes. The focus of home care is on activities which help each person complete daily tasks such as meal preparation, shopping, laundry, housework transportation and grooming. As much as home carers cannot assist with direct medical needs normally associated with nursing care they would be able to assist with medication reminders, picking up prescriptions and general health issues such as daily diet and bathing.

At Comfort Keepers® in West Sussex we can offer a customised care plan to help your loved one live independently within their own home. We are available for respite care, on-going daily services, live in-services and Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and can assist with all of those tasks which will make life easier and happier. We can help with all non-medical activities such as shopping, meal preparation, light housework, medication reminders, mobility assistance, toileting bathing and diet assistance. Also Comfort Keepers® partner with a comprehensive network of respected local businesses and so can help with accessing things such as safety appliances, and home safety solutions in the West Sussex area. Learn more about our range of flexible services.